Mystic, Trumps Victory Predictor says World War III Will Break This Year

The Time come that individuals need to search for a protected place to spare themselves from atomic bombs, as it has been anticipated by a spiritualist that the World War III Will Break This Year.

Whatever, But his Prediction can’t be taken so light. As, he is the one who has predicted the Trumps Victory in 2015 itself. When Nobody has any hope on Trump as United States President. This Mystic belongs to Texas, he also has predicted the self-styled “messenger of God”, Horacio Villegas and he also said that Donald will Attack Syria.

World War III Will Break This Year

As per Day to Day star, this Spiritualist said that World War III will break This Year. It will be 100th Anniversary of  Lady of Fatima’s Visitation. He also said that Donald will be coined as “Illuminati King”.

Talking about the visitation date, it is, 13th May 1917. If he is correct this time, then we have only few weeks left. It also took place on 13th October 1917. So, it may also be the date.

This is what he said in his Prediction.

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Moreover, he said that ‘false flag’  or “attacks based on false information” very devastating will take place between 13th April to 13th May, in which Syria and North Korea will be involved.

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