Valentines Day Special: OMG! You’ll Be Shocked To Know Where Alia Wants To Be Proposed

Here is Valentine’s day gift to all the Alia Bhatt Fans. Are you preparing to propose Alia Bhatt? Then here is an advice to all the guys out there. We all know Alia is one of the Adorable Actresses we have in Bollywood. This Adorable baby wants her to be proposed in a very special place. Any Guess? I am pretty sure that you can’t guess it right. Yes, it is something beyond your reach. So, read below Where Alia Wants To Be Proposed.



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Where Alia Wants To Be Proposed

In a recent chit chat with a daily Alia revealed Where Alia Wants To Be Proposed. She has opened up her all views on love and romance. On being asked by the interviewer, “Where do you want to be proposed?”. Alia romantically replied, “On a Film Set.” Yes, you read it right. Alia wants her to be proposed on a Film set. Furthur she said, “If a person knows me very well then he would probably know that it is my First Love.” “So, my second love should propose me on a film set which is my first love.”

Siddharth are you Listening? 

So guys, what do you think about the Alia View on Proposing her on a Film Set? Please do mention your views in the below comment section.

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