See all Pics of Virat and Anushka getting Engaged

We all are aware of the adorable relationship that is running between Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Now this pair has taken up a step ahead in their relationship. They are getting engaged soon. Here are some pics that proves the statement Virat and Anushka Engaged. Anushka Sharma performing some rituals before getting engaged with Virat Kohli.

 Virat and Anushka Engaged

The pair Virushka is at Dehradun along with their families. Hope we will be listening to some good news soon. Adding up to it Amitabh sir and Anil Ambani also have arrived in Dehradun. These all circumstances prove that there can be some good days for Virushka.

Proving the statement Anushka and Virat getting engaged. Anushka has recently shared a video on Twitter. Where this duo is getting relaxed.

Don’t they look Beautiful together!

Although all the things are going right we haven’t received any official release regarding their engagement. Conforming to it Virat Kohli has just written on Twitter that, they are not getting engaged.

Hope everything goes right and this duo gets married in the New Year 2017. Can’t wait to see these couple as Bride and Bridegroom.

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