Raabta Couple Sushant and Kriti Intimate Scenes will leave you Splend bounded

Here’s the intimate video of Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon aka Shiv and Saira that we ran over on Instagram. The duo’s chemistry is more than apparent in this adorable and hot clasp. Look at this. We have recently seen the Raabta Trailer where Sushant and Kriti were looking killing in their roles. The splend bound chemistry between them was really worth watching. Here is the latest video from their official Instagram handler Raabta. Below is the video of Sushant and Kriti Intimate Scenes.

Sushant and Kriti Intimate Scenes

Raabta Official Instagram handler have posted these videos of Sushant and Kriti Intimate Scenes on their wall. Here in video you can see both of them practicing for a scene in Raabta. This Duo really look hot in the video. Let’s hope the same reflects in the movie.

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What Do you think guys? How are they looking as a couple? Please do Mention your valuable views in the below comment section.

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