Viral Video: This Song on Modi Will Be The Best Thing You will Be Listening Today on Internet

It’s been almost 3 months since the Note ban. But we can’t regret the fact that we are still discussing it on Social media, news and many gatherings. Many of the economists and spoke person went saying that it all went wrong without a proper planning. People had worst time standing in queues for drawing money from ATM’s. The day limit on withdrawing the money ruined many businesses. To describe it in a  funny way EIC i.e East India Comedy have written a Song on Modi. It is too hilarious to handle. Watch the video below.

Song on Modi By EIC

This song is a contrast to the song in 90’s “Mad In India” by Alisha Chinai. EIC is a group of comedians performing stand-up comedy and stage shows. This song was sung by the team at a recent show. This song describes the situations we faced during the Demonetization. The way he made the government. Tours travelled by Modi. “Make In India” slogan and what not, it is like a rap up of Modi Government work till date.

I can understand, You can’t wait anymore to watch the video. Below is the Video Song on Modi.

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