Viral Video: Woah! Sanskrit Version of Cheap Thrills Will Really Leave You In Shock

Many of the Music lovers know the song “Cheap Thrills“. It has broken many stereotypes and records. Cheap Thrills is considered as one of the best songs made ever. This song was also nominated for Grammy Awards. We can see many cover versions of Cheap Thrills on Youtube Today. It has got success very much early than any other song. Now here we are presenting you the “Cheap Thrills” in Sanskrit version. Yes! you read it right. Below is the Sanskrit Version of Cheap Thrills.

Sanskrit Version of Cheap Thrills

Sanskrit Version of Cheap Thrills

This Sanskrit version of Cheap Thrills has got the same background scroll and music. But the lyrics for the song are written in Pure Sanskrit language.  The lyrics of the Song are translated into Sanskrit by Vipin Shukla Shastri. This song was sung by Shreyanshula. The Song was shared on the Internet by Harshleen Anand on Youtube. This song is recreated to promote the Ancient Indian Language Sanskrit. Hope you guys will enjoy listening to the song.

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