Narendra Modi old Video goes Viral on Internet

When our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very busy with his schedule in Gujarat. Planning for some new events and meetings. Meanwhile, a footage of Narendra Modi old video is going viral on the Internet. This video footage is a News channel debate between Congress leader Jai Ram Ramesh, present Prime Minister Narendra Madi and Vir Sanghvi who was the Journalist.

This debate was from the time when Narendra Modi was General Secretary of Bhartiya Janta Party from 1998 to 2001. This debate was regarding the Gujarat politics. Here in between the debate, Narendra Modi said that “The present strategy of congress is now to break the Third Front collaboration and gain back the votes they lost rather than tumbling the BJP government. Watch the video

After then Jai Ram Ramesh immediately responds and asks Narendra Modi that, “Modi if you would like to join the Congress party there is a position for you in our party.” Then immediately Modi takes up and says that “I am a member of Sangh Parivar and if people are anyway sharing the video, you need to face lots of problems.”

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