Malayalam Actress Bhavana Harassed In Car and Captured Photos and Video

A Malayalam celebrity was assaulted by 3 men who misbehaved with her at Kochi Athani on Friday night and allegedly forced their way into her automobile. 30, Bhavana, in her charge to authorities, said that her car was hit from the back with an automobile at Athani, about 38 km from Kochi. Authorities officials were quoted as saying that the event happened while she was returning from the shoot. Below is the full details of Malayalam Actress Bhavana Harassed In Car.

Malayalam Actress Bhavana Harassed In Car

Malayalam Actress Bhavana Harassed In Car

Bhavana’s car stopped and attempted to take her images. She was with the accused of over one hour after which she was dropped off near her home in the vehicle. The guys powerfully entered her car and directed her motorist after threatening him to continue to Kochi, the performer said.

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With her, the guys misbehaved throughout the drive, by making a video and clicking on her images. The performer after reached the home of a manager, who told authorities. The incident will be probed on the grounds of the charge. While among the accused continues to be detained among her former motorists continues to be taken into detention. Bhavana is known for her movies as Chithiram Pesuthadi, Nammal and Daivanamathil.

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