Constable Snatched The Bike Keys of A Boy, What He Has Done Next Is Amazing

Many of us have experienced this situation. Although we have all the required Documents we will be always afraid of getting caught by a Cop. Whenever we face such situations, most probably all the common men do not try to stretch the issue. But when you are harassed, then only a common man can expose the truth behind it. This is also the same situation. Constable Snatched The Bike Keys of A Boy and what he has done next is amazing. Everyone should follow it.

Constable Snatched The Bike Keys of A Boy

Partha P Baruah is also an Indian citizen who faced the same problem. He was stopped by a Constable and interrogated for his Driving License and vehicle Registration. Well, he had all the required documents. But, when out of his curiosity, he asked the Constable. It is the duty of a Traffic Police, how can you do this wearing a Khaki?

That’s it! The Constable Snatched The Bike Keys of A Boy. Is that the way these Police Men were trained to Behave with Public? But Partha did not beg for his Keys. Instead, he started a Live on Facebook. He recorded everything that was happening there. Below is the video that Partha recorded.

Posted by Partha P Boruah on 12 फेब्रुवारी 2017

You can see in the video, how these Police were behaving. As you can see in the video. The Police Vehicle itself doesn’t have the Reg. No. They can break all the rules. Rules are only meant for Common People.

Partha Once again went live. This time he explained all that happened to him in peace and calm. Look at the video below.

Posted by Partha P Boruah on 12 फेब्रुवारी 2017

Later on the same day, he was taken to CJM Court. He was Charged under the IPC 353 and IPC 294 cases. Below is the arrest letter of Partha.

Constable Snatched The Bike Keys of A Boy

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The most Irony thing is that the Policemen were not charged with anything. Guys, what do you have to say about such things? Do support Partha by sharing this until it reaches some higher officials.

Thank You!