Unbelievable! These 10 Celeb Fathers with Hot Daughters

You will be shocked to see these celeb dad’s daughters. Although these dads are not so handsome, they have got the sexiest daughters. Here the celebrities include on screen and off screen celebrities too. Get ready for it, Celeb fathers with hot daughters.

Donald Trump – Ivanka Trump

Celeb Fathers with Hot Daughters

We can never imagine that Donald could get such a beautiful and hot daughter. Really, God must be crazy, he has given Ivanka as the daughter to Donald Trump.

Rowan Atkinson(Mr.Bean) – Lily Atkinson

Celeb Fathers with Hot Daughters

Who can expect the man who made our childhood laughter with his weird and crazy face makeovers can have such a sexy daughter? She is lucky to have the funniest father ever in the world.

Shakti Kapoor – Shraddha Kapoor

Celeb Fathers with Hot Daughters

This angry man has got the cutest and now one of the most versatile actresses of Bollywood. She is damn hot and the youngsters are going crazy at her beauty.

Jon Voight – Angelina Jolie

Celeb Fathers with Hot Daughters

Angelina is very well known to many of us. Here is her dad, if you watch Hollywood movies, you would have recognised him. For all those who don’t watch, here he is. He has given birth to one of the sexiest women on earth.

Muhammad Ali – Laila Ali

Celeb Fathers with Hot Daughters

Many of us know this man, the powerhouse. You should also know that his daughter is also a wrestler. Laila Ali is a beauty born out of the beast. She has not lost even a single match in her career. She has won 21 matches by Knockout out of 24 matches.

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