Best Raees Spoofs Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Christiano Ronaldo and More

We all know that Raees Trailer and the Hike that is been going on. As Raees is going to be released this 25th January 2017 there are some special craze and creativity is lighting up. From that level of creativity, some YouTubers have created the Spoof version of Raees Trailer. Here we are presenting you with some of the best Best Raees Spoofs trending on YouTube now.

Narendra Modi’s One of the Best Raees Spoofs

This is one of the best Raees Spoof made. It highlights Modi as Raees and Kejriwal as the Villian. It has also some parts that are not part of the movie.  This spoof is the best-edited spoof among all of the other spoofs.

Christiano Ronaldo Raees Spoof

This spoof is one of the best Raees Spoofs. Here they presented Messi as his opponent and it looks so cool to watch. Best spoof made basing a sport fiction.

Messi Best Raees Spoofs

This spoof is definitely made targeting the Ronaldo’s Raees spoof. As there they targeted Messi and in here these guys targeted Ronaldo to be the opponent. But truly these are the legends in their own way.

Rahul Gandhi’s Version of Raees

I think this spoof is made by a Congress follower, just Kidding!. As in this Spoof, they are targeting Narendra Modi to be the villain.

Final Words

These spoofs are made for only entertainment purpose and not to insult or degrade anyone. So, hope you have enjoyed the article. Please do share and like the article.

Thank You.

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